Imagine you are in distress. Assume a similar condition like Titanic or flood hit area in Uttarakhand-India.You are eager to talk to your near and dear ones but unable to do so as your mobile is not getting any signal.

Toshniwal Enterprises Controls Pvt. Ltd brings in a Brand Neutral Solution- “Flexi-Rural”

Being a Micro BTS, a small size Radio Sub System, it has unique features.

Not only it helps in disaster management it brings happiness to the villagers who stays in a deserted land and never ever dreamt to use cell phone in their zone.
It is economical, essential as well as eco friendly solution as it consumes power from the Sun and uses satellite as a backhaul option.

With the Motto –“If you are able to see the SKY, You can Communicate”, TECPL unique solution can be installed instantaneously without any effort.

FLEXI RURAL - Satellite Backhauled, Solar Powered, 2G/3G Solution for Rural Communities

Flexi Rural consists of the following modules:
  • Flexi Lite Site
    • Flexi Pod - Portable BTS - Model : FLT1013
    • Flexi Gateway - BSC - Model : FLT1113
    • Flexi Manager – OMC - Model : FLT1213
  • Solar Module
  • Antenna

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Toshniwal Enterprises Controls Pvt. Ltd is a leading provider of GSM solutions for remote communities. Central to this is the solar powered Flexi Pod which enables mobile network operators to bring mobile connectivity to isolated areas at low cost. Meeting the needs of up to 1200 subscribers with Traffic Capacity of 18 Erlang per 2G Flexi Pod (no limit with clustering),the Flexi Rural has been specifically designed to optimise satellite bandwidth and minimise power consumption. Data congestion in wireless networks is a growing challenge for operators globally. The 3G FlexiPod and 3G Flexi Zone, deliver affordable mobile broadband connectivity for remote communities by reducing mobile network operator's backhaul requirements by over 40%.

Combining 2G/3G and VSAT technologies, Flexi Rural provides:
  • Lowest backhaul bandwidth utilization: 50 kbps for 2 TRX (4kbps per call)
  • Lowest power consumption: Enabling solar-power-only sites (100% renewable energy) or lowering the cost of diesel generation (lower Genset CAPEX, lower fuel consumption)
  • Lowest site cost: the all-in-1 compact FlexiPod enables a simpler, quicker to deploy and lower cost site than with traditional BTS.

Flexi Pod – The Portable BTS:
The all-IP outdoor 2G Flexi Pod is a 2 TRX passively cooled BTS with 10 Watt carriers, providing up to 10 km coverage radius. The 3G Flexi Pod provides coverage up to 2km and the 3G Flexi Zone up to 500m radius.

Additional Features:
  1. 4kbps bandwidth per active call
  2. Zero bandwidth required when Flexi-Pod is in idle mode during off peak traffic periods.
  3. Flexi Local Connectivity switches local calls at the Flexi Pod or within the cluster, thereby removing backhaul requirement for all local calls (also meets ETSI Lawful Intercept requirements).
  4. Intra Cluster Local Switching switches calls between sites in a cluster locally, further reducing backhaul requirement
  5. Channel Quenching / Ringtone Suppression reduces satellite backhaul requirements by allocating the calling party's audio path, only when the called party answers
  6. Configurable AMR codecs on the backhaul minimise bandwidth requirement and configurable AMR codecs on the air interface maximize quality and capacity
  7. Flexi Pod remote Radio Resource Management eliminates latency significantly improves call set-up success rates and increases mean holding times.
  8. 90 Watt average power consumption and intelligent shut down of non-traffic carrying TRX during off-peak periods makes the 2G Flexi Pod the most efficient, solar powered solution of its kind for remote communities. The 3G Flexi-Pod consumes 70 Watts of power and the 3G Flexi Zone consumes 30 Watts.
  9. Flexi Rural architecture is transparent to the core network. Billing, rating and subscriber management are controlled by the operator's existing core network at all the times.
  10. The network management feature, Flexi Manager, provides bandwidth and network-wide monitoring capability plus BSS performance indicator statistics through a single user interface.

2G/3G Flexi Pod traffic management features include:
  1. 2G/3G cell reselection management
  2. Prioritisation of 3G for data traffic
  3. Handover of voice calls from 3G to 2G

Data-at-the-Edge enables mobile network operators to maximize the efficiency of their existing mobile data network infrastructure by reducing mobile data backhaul requirements by over 40% through:
  • HTTP acceleration for improved performance over high latency backhaul
  • In-line data compression
  • User data caching at the remote site
  • Header compression
  • Data traffic management (QoS, congestion control)
  • Least cost-routing including off load to Internet


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