Toshniwal Enterprises Controls Pvt. Ltd. introduces an interactive sophisticated device – KIOSK. A Transaction Kiosk can help convert almost any physical point of service into Self-Service Mode. Our Self Service Kiosk ensures 24x7 service and upgrades user experience. We offer customised end-to-end solution (hardware, software & integration) to suite various domains.

Major Customers
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Introducing The Drop Box

The Drop Box was specifically designed with the
following attributes
  • Expedite Queues
  • Increase Customer Service
  • Increase Customer Revenue
  • Accessible 24 X 7
  • Easy Installation
  • Space Saver Designs
  • Space Saver Designs
No more waiting in long lines....
simply drop your cheque into a secure box for daily processing.


Security Features
Physical Security
  • Built-in security camera
  • Door Tampering Alarm (Local and Remote)
  • Vault Tampering Alarm (Local and Remote)
  • Secure access to Cash vault with OTP
  • Vault locking from NOC on tamper detection
  • Integrated with central NOC
SW Security
  • Smart card based access to file system
  • Trimmed Linux OS
  • Data encryption with TDES
  • Desk Top Security Software

Smart Pay
Mode of Payment
  • Cash
  • Card
    • Debit, Credit
  • Cheque
    • Post-paid only
Machine Configuration
  • Industrial Grade CPU
  • Embedded Dual Drive
  • 2200 Notes Tamper Proof Stacker Box
  • PCI certified Card transaction process
  • Built-in cheque Scanner with endorsement
  • Barcode Reader
  • Transaction Receipt Printer
  • Mobile GPRS/2G/3G connectivity (GSM – CDMA)
  • Main System UPS
  • Additional UPS for security system
  • Built-in Voltage Stabilizer
Optional Security Features
  • GPS Tracking
  • Tilt Sensing
  • Vibration Sensing
  • Biometric Verifications
  • Iris, Finger, Facial
  • Self destruction of data and SW if stolen

Transaction Kiosk

Customer Benefits
This Kiosk gives more than just shortening queues and expediting the time of services for bill paying. It also provides for multiple service options under the control of your customers.
  • Prepay and Postpay
  • Accepts cheques, cash, credit cards
  • Secure processing
  • Accurate receipts of transaction
  • Immediate application to account
  • Activate/Deactivate services
  • Mini bill and statement
  • View and order new service
  • 2 type of Recharge option


Cheque Deposit
  • Enter cheque number and amount
  • Confirmation of entry
DD Request
  • Demand Draft request
  • Queue token and receipt provided
Fund Transfer
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Transfers to other bank customers
Stop Payment Instruction
  • Requires Teller assistance
  • Queue Token provided
Smart Teller
Mode of Payment
The Kiosk will enable the Bank to track various transaction by the customers and the Tellers, as well as identifying the most requested services and times of high volume usage.
Account Opening Queries
  • Personal Banking
  • NRI Banking
Balance Enquiry
  • Current Balance with printout
  • Savings Account with print out
Bank/Mini Statement
  • Monthly Checking (Queue Token for printout)
  • Monthly Savings (Queue Token for printout)
Cheque book Request
  • Enter information
  • Submit request

Queue Management System


Counter Management
Dynamically Add/Delete/Edit counter
Dynamic Skill-set management
  • By Hour : Number of walk-ins per hour on a given day
  • By Days : Number of walk-ins on days during specified
  • By Service type
  • Number of Walk-in
  • Average wait time
  • Number of customer in queue
  • Number of customers served : By Service type
  • Performance report : By service type (Successful, Skip,Unsuccessful, Average service time)
  • Performance Report across agents
  • Walk-in detailed reports between dates
  • Service wise performance report

Advantages of QMS
Emphasis on
  • Minimizing lobby wait time
  • Increasing Service agents’ efficiencies
  • Overall productivity improvement
QMS Features
  • Suitable for any customer service lobbies
  • Streamlines customer traffic routing
  • Flexible routing algorithm
  • Flexible service options
  • Customizable user interface language
  • Individual productivity monitoring
  • Central productivity monitoring
  • Multi-application hosting
  • Extensive reporting
Customer Interface
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple service request options
  • Provides Queue Ticket
  • Provides average lobby wait time on ticket (Helps customer optimize his/her wait time)
  • Ticket real estate useful for promotions
  • Provides space to promote up sale of products

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