Empirix MSP Probes
Empirix IDMC
Empirix XCentrix

System Architecture (ESA)Logical Building Blocks


Current Service Assurance Ecosystem
Quality experience is measured by different groups with disparate tools
  • OSS systems provide the service and network view
  • Probe Systems provide “subscriber” view but mainly for
  • protocol troubleshooting (reactive) of Control Signaling
  • User data is typically analysed by IT systems

Operators are “overwhelmed” by data but not visibility of why all lights can be “green” but customers complain
  • Different information from different sources complicates understanding of the key issues

Empirix ESA addresses the fundamental issue of bringing disparate information together in one solution allowing users an understanding of Service Quality of Experience as delivered to subscribe.


E-XMS, xCentrix, OneSight


Flexible Network Analytics

Surveillance/Monitoring with Troubleshooting

A Real - Time Dashboard Solutions and Alarms

Historical Vs. Real Time

Breadth Vs Depth


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