Optical Spectrum Analyser

The AQ6331 is a portable optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) with the high performance required for 50 GHz and 100 GHz DWDM network testing. In both the C and L bands and beyond, wavelength rans is 1200 nm to 1700 nm. The AQ6331 is compact, yet has all the features required for DWDM system evaluation. Further, it has excellent wavelength resolution, with accuracy and dynamic range equal to that of any conventional bench-top OSA used in research and development applications.

The AQ6331 OSA is suitable both for the installation and maintenance of DWDM systems, FTTx or CWDM networks, and for research and development applications.
  • Compact and lightweight - Approx. 315 (W) x 200 (H) x 225 (D) mm and only 10 kg., yet comes with a light source for wavelength calibration and a printer as standard features.
  • High wavelength accuracy - Features ±0.02 nm wavelength accuracy at 1520 to 1580 nm and ±0.05 nm accuracy at 1580 to 1620 nm, using an internal light source to perform wavelength calibration.
  • Internal wavelength calibration function - The built-in reference light source eliminates the need for an optical fiber connection to an external light source to perform wavelength calibration. Connection to the reference light source is done automatically by an internal optical switch.
  • High dynamic range and high wavelength resolution - With dynamic range of 55 dB or more (peak plusmn;0.4 nm) and wavelength resolution of 0.05 nm (min.), 50 GHz channel-spaced DWDM systems can be measured.
  • High power measurement - Optical amplifier output and high output laser diodes in DWDM systems can be measured directly because the measurement level can range up to +20 dBm.
  • Low polarization dependency - Optical amplifier gain can be measured accurately because polarization dependency is as low as ±0.05 dB.
  • Long-term analysis function - Changes to each DWDM channel peak can be measured over time.
  • Convenient programming function - Shortens measurement time because measurement conditions and processes, etc., can be input to memory prior to measurement.
  • Individual traces of three wave-forms - Individual traces of three waveforms can be displayed. Can also compare two waveforms - a reference waveform and a measurement result - to determine the difference between the each.
  • Internal high-speed printer
  • Large 8.4 inch display

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