Signal Generators

SME 03 : Signal Generators
The Rohde & Schwarz SME03 Signal Generator supplies complex signals required for development and test of digital mobile radio receivers. The R&S SME03 is capable of generating most signals used in the main digital radio networks in line with relevant standards regarding the type of modulation, data format, TDMA structure and frequency hop patterns. The R&S SME03 can also be used in the analog signal world of conventional signal generators.

  • Frequency range: 5kHz to 3GHz
  • Output level: -144 to +13dBm
  • All Common Digital Modulation Modes Provided In One Unit
  • 0.1 Hz resolution
  • No External Modulation and Data Sources Required
  • User-programmable Data Sequence
  • RF, LF and Level Sweep
  • Ultra-low RF Leakage

SMA 100A : Signal Generators
Signal quality, speed and flexibility – these are the criteria by which signal generators are measured today. The R&S®SMA100A perfectly meets these criteria, and thus is a premium-class analog generator that sets standards due to its outstanding characteristics.

It combines superior signal quality with very high setting speed. Whether in development, production, service or maintenance, the R&S®SMA100A does an excellent job.

In the frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, R&S®SMA100A can generate CW signals as well as all common types of analog modulation (AM, FM, φM, pulse modulation). Excellent specifications and a wide range of modulation signals – these are the characteristic features of the R&S®SMA100A.

In addition, a low-jitter clock synthesizer option supplies differential clock signals of up to 1.5 GHz independently of the RF frequency. This makes the R&S®SMA100A suitable for a variety of applications – from use in phase noise test systems through to tests on mixed-signal ICs.

The R&S®SMA100A signal generator also offers a modern graphical user interface for fast and intuitive operation.

The R&S®NRP-Zxx power sensors can be connected to the R&S®SMA100A. The user can therefore perform very precise power measurements directly with the signal generator.

  • Frequency options from 9 kHz to 3 GHz/6 GHz
  • Very low SSB phase noise of typ. -141 dBc (at 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset, 1 Hz measurement bandwidth) with option
  • Nonharmonics <-96 dBc (f < 750 MHz, carrier offset > 10 kHz) with option
  • High output power of up to +18 dBm (+28 dBm in overrange)
  • Emulation of legacy instruments
  • Electronic attenuator with built-in overvoltage protection over entire frequency range

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